Information about various services in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan

Emergency health care is available free of charge to visitors. However, although doctors are well trained and professional, facilities and specialties tend to lag behind what is available in the west. As in much of the former Soviet Union, doctors and hospitals lack the latest equipment and medicines and the hospitals' physical facilities can be run down. But facilities are being improved and visitors can find a good level of care and treatment, especially in Bishkek, if they can pay for it.

In any case, travelers are advised to carry a well-equipped first-aid kit with prescriptions. For minor difficulties, visitors are advised inquire to the I management at their hotel or travel agency.

Ambulance 103*
Police 102*
Fire brigade 101*
Medical service 151
Rescue 161
Traffic police
(Bishkek accidents)
53 01 81
Traffic police
(Republic accidents)
63 09 00
63 09 01
Add 0 (312) if calling from the outside of Bishkek using street or private phones.
Gas service 104*
Dental clinic
"Hollywood smile" 112, Kievskaya St.
66 65 22
Trauma unit ("Policlinica stroitelei")
24 hours first aid in case of minor traumas.
41, Manas St. / Toktogula St.
21 68 75
Mountain search and rescue team 61 13 22
* Free calls from any card and coins street phones, as well as from mobiles and private phones.