Asia Grand Hotel Hotel

21/A, Tursunzade Str., Dushanbe

Asia Grand is a cosy hotel, which has all necessary facilities and is an ideal place for both business and leisure travel. The hotel offers comfortable rooms with charming interior decor, cosy furniture, modern technique, skillful and friendly front desk service.

The hotel includes Deluxe, Standard and Double Rooms as well as apartments.
All rooms are furnished luxuriously; they have access to Internet, TV set, telephone with direct long-distance communication, air conditioner and mini-bar. 
Bathrooms are well-appointed as well. They contain bath, hairdryer, bathrobe and slippers, other bathing things and perfumer's shop.

Restaurant "Asia" is the pride of the "Asia Grand Hotel". It is located on the fifth floor and offers guests a huge selection of cooking delicacies with different and unique flavors going with special dish design.

It is a perfect place for special festive events and shows. Any celebration in the luxury restaurant "Asia" will definitely be an unforgettable event. Here reigns harmony of color and style created thanks to culture features of Ancient Asia which are used in modern interior. The hotel offers an appeasement murmur of the cascade which makes it easier to relax. The interior of the restaurant "Asia" is designed in a slight traditional style and consists of two halls and a bar. One hundred and forty people can simultaneously enjoy national cooking. 
The restaurant closes when the last visitor leaves.

Exclusive decor, nice lighting, cascade murmur and music offers You the restaurant "Asia" in all details.

Except splendid menu, excellent sorts of wine and wide variety of cigars guests of the restaurant "Asia" have an opportunity to try delicacies and drinks offered to You that does emphasize an exotic beauty of what is going on.

The restaurant "Asia" invites everybody who values the refinement of European cooking, stylish interior and pleasant environment during meals. Get the senses of hospitality being in the restaurant "Asia Grand Hotel"!

Thanks to the earnest attitude of chef towards his art the restaurant cooking is distinguished by its variety of high quality dishes.

Health Center
To be in good physical form and be filled with energy will help You our health center which is located inside the basement of the hotel. 
There is a number of pleasures at Your service:

Finnish steam room with the services of a professional bathhouse attendant, which is known for its nice and special steam

  • Moist Turkish steam room
  • Grand Jacuzzi
  • Hydromassage
  • Swimming pool
  • Shower

But it is far from being an end!!!
If You wish You can get a relaxation massage in a massage room or have a rest in a room drinking Your favorite beer with salt fish or shrimps.

If You are tired and want to relax the sauna will help You to do it. No matter what You choose: "Finnish steam room" or "Russian izba". Anyways, You will get light steam, cool swimming pool, Jacuzzi, really good beer and restaurant menu as well as billiards and many other pleasant things.

Taj Bowling is the most modern bowling-club of the city, it is the convenient location, optimum relationship between prices and quality, expert high quality equipping of the company "AMF" and special extreme lightning.

Technical equipment and kids side boards allow even the youngest visitors of our bowling-club to take part in the game.

Six bowling lanes equipped in a professional way by the American company "AMF" are designed for You to like this gamble.

Merge into the world of beauty, health and comfort. You will be offered  unique spa-salon which meets the highest standards of the spa located  in a resort. After entering the spa-center You will get into the atmosphere of hospitality and refined interior. The veil of exotic essential oils flavors will wrap You up and the amazing rituals of beauty and health will take You away from the city fuss to a heavenly place where everything is for You and because of You.

Spa-salon offer You the balanced complete services which include:

  • Water procedures
  • Aromatherapy
  • Body care (figure changing, pilling)
  • Face care (laser rejuvenation; biolifting)
  • Manicure (spa-, aromatherapeutic, hot, Nail design)
  • Pedicure
  • Hair care (haircuts: creative, fashionable)
  • Apparatus cosmetology
  • Aesthetic services (wax epilation, eyebrows change, make-up)

Spa - massage with professional cosmetics and special spa-programs.  Find the harmony with Yourself and a new life energy inside spa-salon!