Ostrich Farm Tour from Tashkent

Ostrich farm

A visit to the working ostrich farm near Tashkent, home to more than 40 ostriches of different ages, is the perfect day trip for children and families.

The Pronosin family ostrich farm is located just an hour’s drive from Tashkent near Tuyabuguz Reservoir (Tashsea). During the tour, you will learn all about raising and caring for ostriches. Walk between the open enclosures used for the adult ostriches, getting as close to the birds as possible, and view the “ostrich kindergarten”, a special cage where the young ostrich chicks must be kept. The bravest visitors will be able to touch and feed these majestic birds, and if the ostriches are in the mood, you may even get to watch them dance!

The ostrich farm practically doubles as a children’s petting zoo: In addition to ostriches, it is home to goats, many chickens and giant rabbits, some which weigh almost 12 kilograms.

A special feature of the Ostrich Farm Tour is the ostrich egg demonstration, where you will see how the shell can withstand a weight of up to 50 kilograms and watch how the egg is delicately removed from the shell. Enjoy a walk in the garden before ending the tour with tea and an ostrich egg omelet.

Fun Facts: As the largest birds on the planet, ostriches can reach a height of almost three meters and weigh up to 150 kilos. The eye of an ostrich is roughly the size of a billiard ball and occupies most of its skull, while the bird’s brain weighs only 12 grams. Learn many other amazing facts on a tour of the ostrich farm near Tashkent!


10:00 - Depart Tashkent in the direction of Tuyabuguz Reservoir.

11:00 - Arrive to the farm, where you will be met by the owners. The tour begins with a visit to the open-air cage of adult birds to learn the history of the farm, see its very first ostriches and hear interesting facts about the largest birds on earth. Continue to the enclosures where the young ostriches are kept and to a small petting zoo to see the goats, chickens and furry rabbits.

12:30 - Begin the ostrich egg demonstration: See how an egg can withstand weight of up to 50 kilograms and watch how an egg is opened up and emptied out using a delicate drilling method.
After a garden tour, you will be served an ostrich egg omelet snack with tea.

13:30 - Return to Tashkent, arriving to the city around 14:30. End of tour.

Price: 150 000 UZS per person for groups of 6 people or more (if your group consists of less than 6 people, please contact us for pricing and options). The price is valid for the citizens of Uzbekistan.

The Ostrich Farm Tour is also available for small groups (minimum 2 people) at a cost of 270,000 UZS per person. In addition to the listed itinerary and omelet snack, the small-group tour price includes round-trip transport from Tashkent in a minivan and ostrich meat tasting.

Price includes:

  • Transportation throughout the tour (1-3 ppl in sedan; 4-8 in minivan);
  • Pick-up and drop-off from your Tashkent hotel.


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