Ostrich Farm Tour

Ostrich farm

Incredible, but true: in order to see a farm with real African ostriches you don't need to travel to Africa at all. An hour's drive from Tashkent, not far from the Tuyabuguz reservoir (also known as Tashsea), there is an ostrich farm. The owners say: “Everything started as a hobby when the whole family decided to buy five ostriches.” Now the farm has more than 40 ostriches and a huge number of other animals. During the trip, you will see ostriches of various ages, chickens, goats and many breeds of rabbits (some giant rabbits weigh up to 12 kg!). You will see an amazing ostrich egg, which can hold the weight up to 60 kilograms. You will have the opportunity to taste an ostrich egg omelet and ostrich meat.

Children will love the trip to the farm, because here they can hold and pat funny rabbits, help to look after the chicken house, and if you are lucky, find eggs in the clutch. The ostriches are much closer here than in the zoo, and you can even touch them.

The whole class or a group can also come here and get an additional discount.

Join our weekend family tour and add rural exotics to your everyday life!

Tour Itinerary:

10:00 Depart Tashkent in the direction of the Tuyabuguz reservoir.

11:00 Arrival at the farm. Acquaintance with the owners of the farm and its inhabitants. The tour along the farm begins with a visit to an open-air cage with adult birds. Here you will hear the history of the farm establishment, you will see the very first ostriches, with which everything began. You will learn interesting facts about the largest birds in the world. Your travel continues further - to the part of the farm where young birds are kept. Goats and many species of chickens locate in the neighborhood. Then you will see the furry rabbits.

13:00 Start of the tasting. An ostrich egg will be opened in front of your eyes. Ostrich egg shell is very strong. An egg cannot be broken as easily as the chicken’s one, it can withstand a weight of up to 60 kilograms. Therefore, first of all a hole is drilled in the egg, then a plastic tube is immersed in it, the contents of the egg are shaken and poured into a container.

You will taste an omelet and also fried ostrich meat.

14:30 Return to Tashkent. End of the program.

Attention! Group size: 10-20 people. Rates differ for smaller groups.

Price includes:

  • Entrance tickets;
  • Ostrich meat and egg tasting;
  • Local guide;
  • Transportation (minibus).


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