Tashkent - the Star of the East: Introductory tour of the city of beauty Tashkent

Introductory tour of the city of beauty Tashkent

Introductory tour of the city of beauty Tashkent

For real lovers and admirers of traveling every trip, excursion, tour is one more chance to discover something new for oneself. It is an opportunity to fill up one's receptacle of knowledge, impressions and yes, even victories. It is for such curious, energetic, inquisitive and ever-active people that we organize our informative programs, including, in particular, day and evening excursions around Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan.

Some call our city Oriental Petersburg, since the Tashkent Art Museum possesses a unique collection of Russian painters' canvases. For others Tashkent brings into their memory Odessa with its cozy small mansions, front gardens, small balconies with beautiful balustrades, old and quiet streets and yards. But modern Tashkent with its spiritual diversity resembles most of all splendid Babylon.

In Tashkent there are not so many architectural monuments like in Samarkand, Khiva or Bukhara, and the monuments are not so ancient. But Tashkent is the capital, both ancient and modern city. Tashkent has history of its own, different from the history of any other city. It has its own image, places of interest which, of course, deserve the attention of everyone who travels around Uzbekistan.

As the popular wisdom goes, "it is better to see once, than to hear a hundred times". And one can really find a lot to see, to hear about and to taste here. "Tashkent is a bread city"… One can see this inscription on the roof of one of the apartment houses close to the railway station while entering Tashkent.

Welcome to Tashkent, "the Star of the East", the capital of friendship and warmth!

The European Part of Tashkent - "new city":  

  • New Tashkent TV Tower - the highest in Central Asia and the 9th in the world - 375 m,
  • Memorial to the Victims of Repression - the memorial complex and museum,
  • Monument of Courage (1976) - the epicenter of the Tashkent earthquake of 1966.

    Old part of the city:
  • The architectural complex Khazret-Imam incl. the necropolis of imam Abu Bakr Muhammad al-Kaffal Shashi who was one of the first Muslim imams and a famous prophet and poet (16th c.),
  • Barak-khan Madrassah - built by Suyunidj-khan - the first ruler of the Uzbek dynasty of the Sheibanid's (16th c.),
  • Tellya-Sheikh Mosque (19th c.) also called "Khast Imom Mosque" where Osman Quran - the world's oldest is kept,
  • Juma Mosque (15-19th cc.) - the third biggest mosque in Uzbekistan,
  • Kukeldash Madrassah ("Foster brother") - was built by Kukekdash - the vizier of the Tashkent khans (16th c),
  • Mui-Mubarak Madrassah (19th c.),
  • Imam Ismail al Bukhari Islamic Institute - a two year post-Madrassah academy,
  • Hadra square.

    Prices include:
    • guided tour;
    • entrance fees to museums, monuments, etc.;
    • rental transport with driver.
Victims of repressions monument
Alisher Navoi Opera and Ballet Theatre
Mustakillik (Independence) Square
Ankhor river quay

Amir Temur Square
Amir Temur Square
Courage Memorial
Japanese Garden


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