The shrinking Aral Sea tour: Travel to Uzbekistan

Tashkent – Nukus – Kungrad – Ustyurt Plateau – Sudochie Lake – Aral Sea – Muynak – Mizdakhan – Gaur Kala – Nukus – Ellikkala – Khiva
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Travel and tourism in Karakalpakistan - the Autonomous Republic of the western part of Uzbekistan - one of the most ancient centers of civilizations of the region, which is called "Archeological reserve". Tourpackage are consisted of a combination of historical, architectural, cultural, ethnographical and natural components.

Territory of Karakalpakistan, occupying a third part of Uzbekistan, accumulates a lot of interesting sightseeing which is attractive for travelers, archeological monuments and natural sanctuary as well as museums, reserves, landscape, a rich cultural heritage of the Karakalpaks and others. Particular interest for admirers of extreme tourism is presented by the Ustyurt plateau and coast of the Aral Sea coast. The properties that define the plateau are concluded in its unique features and canyon beddings once being witnesses of geological history, as well as the coast - a cliff of the Ustyurt, retaining strongest wave impacts of the Aral Sea during the centuries. The beauty of the plateau, relief of the site and peculiar color softness of morning and evening light rays give the opportunity to see uniqueness and beauty of this area and present particular interest for photography admirers of wildlife and landscape.

Travelers will understand and clearly observe with their own eyes the evident tragedy of the Aral Sea which could shake the whole world with its catastrophic history. Meanwhile visiting the Ustyurt plateau you can reach the sea shore. A far distance from the settlements and modern civilization made possible conservation of natural beauty of the steppe and the sea shore.

The tour is designed for admirers of extreme tourism, adventurers and fans of exotic photography. Passing this itinerary, you have to be patient as the tour includes a lot of long transportation, particularly, on impassable roads. A qualified guide will accompany you, show and tell the rich story of this region, natural particularities and the tragedy of the Aral Sea.

Tour itinerary: Tashkent – Nukus – Kungrad – Ustyurt Plateau – Sudochie Lake – Aral Sea – Muynak – Mizdakhan – Gaur Kala – Nukus – Ellikkala – Khiva  

Day 1: Tashkent- Nukus

Transfer to the Domestic Airport to take morning flight to Nukus. Upon arrival start city tour of Nukus, which includes visits of Mausoleum Mazlumkhan Sulgu (14th c.), Mausoleum of Shamun Nabig (12-13th c.), Madrassah Halika Erjep (9-13th c.), old town 'Ali Belgisiz' (Ali Unnamed) (16-17th c). Check-in hotel after 14:00. Overnight at Jipek Joli Hotel or similar. (No meals).

Day 2: Nukus - Kungrad - Usturt Plateau - Sudochie Lake-Aral Sea (450 km – 8 hrs)

Departure from Nukus to discover the Usturt Plateau and the Aral Sea life. Pass via Kungrad district, which used to be one of the trading centers on the Silk Road. Continue to the Usturt Plateau. Stop at the Lake Sudochie, have lunch at fishermen's house. Continue the way to the Aral Sea. On the way visit the former Light House, see the settlement of the gas plant. Stop to take pictures of beautiful Canyons and the collapsed land. Arrive in the Aral Sea. Overnight in tents. (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner).

Day 3: Aral-Sea - Muynak – Mizdakhan - Gaur Kala – Nukus

Early wake up to take pictures of sun rise. Transfer to Muynak village, which is known as "cemetery of ships" nowadays. Drive on the dried bottom of the sea, pass the gas towers, arrive in Uchsai, the Gas Plant. Lunch. On the way to Nukus stop at Mizdak-khan architectural complex of the 14th century and Gaur kala that was destroyed by Genghis-khan. Arrive in Nukus. Overnight at Jipek Joli Hotel or similar. (Breakfast/Lunch).

Day 4: Nukus - Ellikkala - Khiva

Visit Savitskiy Museum, the gem of Central Asian Museums. Depart Nukus to the land of ancient civilization, Ellik Kala region, visit Toprak Kala, Kizil Kala, Ayaz Kala. Afternoon drive to Khiva, an ancient capital of Khorezm (Khwarazma - "The Land of the Sun"). (Breakfast/Lunch).


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