Celebrating New Year together!

Our friendly team collectively and unanimously decided to celebrate New Year at OTPUSK.UZ office. Because no one corporate party in an expensive restaurant does not compare with the heartwarming evening in a circle of very close people in professional and spiritual spheres as OrexCA.com employees have become. There was a great table rich with the different dishes, the traditional Russian film «Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!» on TV screen, funny lights on the New Year tree. Our mood was like at New Year’s Eve.

This bright completion of the outgoing year was accompanied by the grandiose plans for business development in 2015, new corporate dreams and hopes to further strengthen of the management system, as well as the wishes of prosperity, financial well-being and preservation of important values of mutual aid and support.

In the midst of the celebration Santa Claus and Snow Maiden welcomed to the feast. They were our fancy-dressed accountants – Natalia Egorova and Rumia Ibragimova. That was a big surprise for the whole team, who did not expect to see them in a new role.

Our inventive accountants as usually organized everything very well and thought about the program in details. To receive a gift every OrexCA.com employee declared poems or sang a Christmas song.

Feeling the cheerfulness and the fit of energy from this emotional release inspired the team on the continuation of productive activity in New Year. Stay with us in 2015!