Students’ business activity

Is higher education necessary to become a successful businessman? This dispute has been going on for a long time. There is no definite answer. The history shows that you may become a professional businessman without a university degree. But there is no doubt that you need certain skills and knowledge for the promotion of the business.

On November, 18 these questions were discussed with the students of Westminster University in Tashkent by the founders and top managers of, Bookcafe, City Taxi,, Biotrack technology, Uzbek-Chinese trading house. Business Development Director Michael Shamshidov was also an active participant in this social partnership project of the leading university and private business sector West Business Group. The purpose of this joint program is sharing practical experience, giving students the recommendations of real business; getting to know their views and positions on key issues during debates and presentations of business leaders.

During the second meeting on December, 17 the theme was: “World of business: diversification or specialization?”

Every businessman thinks: “How to calculate break-even point: is it necessary to have several simultaneous activities or is it better to be the narrow specialists?» During the discussions of this business dilemma students shared with their fresh ideas with the innovation business representatives. They demonstrated their business personality and have a chance to get a job in the above mentioned companies.