How to develop a lateral thinking skills, or the key to success in business development

If you have a balloon in your hands, you inflate it until you feel it’s time to stop, or it’ll burst. How to calculate the opportune moment when it is not necessary to continue anymore? Everyone decides for himself. But usually we pay attention to that person in whose hands it explodes with noise. The same thing happens with our thinking. Thinking as many people thing, we get a typical result. Destroying the stereotypes and thinking outside the box we make a sharp jerk.

Such exercise was given on the special training in in the industrial business center «TechnoPlaza» on November, 29.  It was held by Khilola Suleymanova, the founder and director of the consulting company “Inspiro Business Solutions”, a certified trainer of the International Trade Center at the WTO, HR-specialist with the experience in the large international company «Pedersen & Partners». Representatives of – Business Development Director Michael Shamshidov, Project Manager Maxim Kopytov and Manager of outbound tourism Vasilisa Egorova took part in it with great pleasure.

The training consisted of three modules. In the first part the coach spoke about the definition of such category as business development, the advantages of lateral thinking in business development and why even the most absurd ideas can be useful. Ms. Suleymanova emphasized the importance of positive thinking and said that success comes to that person who gets up in a good mood and keeps it throughout the day.

In the second module participants were divided into 4 groups according to types of thinking: critical, analytical, innovative and creative. During 10-15 minutes they prepared a presentation with their understanding of the selected type of thinking.

There was a challenge to the participants in the third module: how the company that is specialized in the production of champagne can enter the market of the country, which prohibits the import of alcohol. Each group discussed the possible options and finally offered its original business idea. Of course, the coach was pleased with the creativity in business approach. However, she noted that if the prospective market is closed for your suggestions it’s purposelessly to defy the law. It will be correct to make a market research and find an alternative to promote products.

For the employees of who work in a dynamic field of tourism, it’s very necessary to develop their imagination and lateral thinking. The business development, increasing tourist traffic and improvement service quality depends on our creativity and innovative approaches.