5 years in OrexCA.com – cause for celebration

This time general meeting at the end of November pleased not only with the high rate of productive work. An important event for OrexCA.com was the emergence of one another corporate longevity – individual tourism manager Natalia Revina, which has already actively worked in the company for 5 years.

Cheerful, decisive, with a great sense of humor and professionalism in her field, Ms. Revina always gets positive reviews from tourists, who are very satisfied with their trip to Uzbekistan. She is engaged in ongoing self-development, regularly sets new ambitious goals and works with full dedication.

Such loyal employees are the custodians of corporate traditions, values and internal culture, as well as a vivid example for those who are just starting a career and aspire to become a qualified specialist. On behalf of the Director of Business Development Michael Shamshidov Natalia was given certificate with the platinum icon for her productive activities. This tradition was founded in 2009. Since that time each OrexCA.com worker, who has worked in the company for more than two years, receives the appropriate category icon.