Celebrating 11 years of OrexCA.com

11 years have passed since the founding of OrexCA.com. This is a significant period of time for the online industry of Uzbekistan, especially in the dynamic field of tourism.

Each year we reach new heights, create a culture of innovation, develop and strengthen our success. High level of professional and interpersonal skills of the team allows withstanding the changes of a dynamic market of tourism.

Corporate evening dedicated to OrexCA.com birthday was held in a cozy atmosphere of Manas art-restaurant. It is no coincidence that we chose it. It’s made by the style of Kyrgyz yurt. There was a great choice of different dishes. In the congratulatory toasts it was said more than once that OrexCA.com team has become a great big family long ago. Everybody takes care of his/her colleague and every foreign Guest who visits our country.

Assessing the eleven-year experience, we understand that the contribution of each employee in the company’s business is immeasurable. Thanks to the focus on the overall result and following the mission – to be the fastest, most convenient and accessible guide in tourism sphere in Central Asia we continue to provide our services with pleasure and interest for every new tourist.