How to work with the information: intensive content management course

Unusual but intriguing title of the content management course «He was killed and burned alive» immediately attracted the attention of curious copywriters. And instead of the expected 10 people there were 13 in the group.

Representatives of different spheres of activities, including content manager Valeriya Tararueva, during five days of intensive training received theoretical and practical management skills for control the information.

The course took place from October 27 to November 1, with the support of GINZA IT Course, and Training Centre Smart Study. Classes were led by Natalia Krichagina, content editor of projects.

She presented how to write brief for cooperation with the customer, how to visualize your potential reader and what you need to know about SEO.

She also gave information about brief and clear explanation of the main idea of the material, which programs will tell you how original or unique your article is.

Each participant had his own theme, far from the one that was professional to him in real life. They did the practical tasks and exercises: wrote texts, published them in LJ, discussed in a special group in Facebook.

The sixth class was devoted to product and services promotion in the Internet. It was lead by Director Alisher Yusupov and Project manager Elena Selezneva.

After the course students were awarded with the certificates.

The team of content managers and copywriters informally also thanked the organizers.

One of the participants Malika Karamatova surprised everyone with her culinary talents. She made the cake by her own.

So now each of them certainly knows how to make «delicious» content.