Successful team work: training from Alexander Kiyaev

On the 25th of October representatives participated in Alexander Kiyaev’s training at the co-working center. Using the examples of the outstanding East commanders in his presentation he told about the most important aspects in the efficient team work.

Based on the legends and stories about the military leaders of China and Japan, Mr. Kiyaev told about the decisions and actions that led them to the victory. Although, at first glance, it seems that military affairs are far away from the sphere of business, in fact, the secrets of their success can be used in the modern management.

Mr. Kiyaev formulated over 30 principles that should be guided in one’s activities. These are so-called secrets of discipline, initiative, compliance, organization, work planning and a lot of other ready-made recipes.

Training was held in the informal atmosphere in the form of a live conversation with the audience, which coachers continually called for a dialogue.