Marketing in practice

On September, 27 marketing training seminar was held in the industrial business center «TechnoPlaza». It was attended by Maxim Kopytov – project manager and Valeriya Tararueva – content manager. The program successfully combined theoretical fundamentals of the planning of marketing communications and practical effective methods and techniques.

Ulugbek Khojiahmedov, managing partner of “Compass Consulting” company, which is engaged in the development and implementation of strategic plans for improving the existing businesses and the creation of new businesses, made a presentation on the key issues of planning. He emphasized the importance and necessity of having a business mission, vision and values. They define the core competence of the organization, motivate staff and allow you to feel the priorities of the company.

Mr. Khojiahmedov also revealed issues of marketing audit and SWOT-analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).

During a coffee break participants had the opportunity to meet each other, to present the services of their companies and share their impressions. Then they continued participating in the training. Batyr Abdurakhmanov, the owner and managing partner of marketing agency «Business Triumph» took the moderation. The audience was interested in the topic of his presentation and discussion.

Mr. Abdurakhmanov on illustrative examples demonstrated inaccuracies and omissions in the creation of image advertising, which negatively affect its perception and effectiveness. He also gave successful examples of banner advertising, which increased the sales.

But he said that there was no single recipe for a successful advertising. To achieve the desired result, do not be afraid to do experiments.

Training seminar enriched employees skills in strategic market analysis and internal analysis of the company. The vision and values define our competitive advantages and make the whole team more purposeful in our mission – in an effort to render the fastest, most convenient and affordable tour services in Central Asia.