South Kyrgyzstan Tour 1 :: Kozho-kelen palette

Osh, mount Takht-i-Suleiman, Kozho-Kelen village etc.
We offer to your attention tour Kozho-kelen palette.

Duration: 5 days
Type of route: Combined
Season: June 1 - October 1

Description: This route passes through mountainous areas, alpine meadows, glacials in the Alay Mountain range (Pamir Mountain system) at altitudes from 2,200 to 4,185 meters above sea level.

During the tour, travelers will discover the city of Osh and the amazingly beautiful nature and customs of he Kyrgyz people in the high mountain village of Kozho-Kelen. In the village, travelers will go to the Blue Grotto (3,000m), visit a grain mill, and see the beautiful waterfall, Kozho-Kelen, cascading from 50 meters through three steps.

Tour program

Day 1. Meeting at the Osh airport 
Accommodation in hotel in Osh
Lunch in "Al Faiz" cafe
Excursion around the city with visits to:
- museum of local lore and history "Jibek Joly";
- old mosque of Ravat Abdullakhana (late 16th c.);
- mosque of Makhammad Yusup Baikhodzhi ogly (early 20th c.);
- Orthodox Michael Archangel Church (early 20th c.)
Kyrgyz dinner in cafe.

Day 2.
Excursion to mount Takht-i-Suleiman (1,060m.):
- visit to a settlement of priests of the late bronze epoch (late 2nd - early 1st centuries B.C.);
- acquaintance with cult sites of fire worshippers of the late bronze age (late 2nd - early 1st centuries B.C.);
- visit to the museum of Spiritual Culture, exposition of which represents the main religions existing on the territory of south Kyrgyzstan. The displays of the museum are located in the caves of Suleiman mountain;
- visits to caves and grottos of Suleiman mountain; 
- visit to the mosque of Suleiman mountain, which is situated on the eastern peak of the mountain (1,030m); - visit to an open-air gallery of petroglyphs at the foot of Suleiman mountain. Petroglyphs are dated to the late 14th - early 13th centuries B.C.
Lunch in cafe. 
Departure to Kozho-Kelen village (Great Khodzha) (110km). 
Kozho-Kelen village is situated in a picturesque area of the Alay Mountain range at an altitude of 2,200 meters above sea level, in a wide spot of the Jiptyk River valley, left tributary of the Ak-Buura River. Fantastic orange rocks can be seen from the upper sections of the village on the left bank of the river.

Accommodation is in village guesthouses, 2-4 persons in each room. Overnight in guesthouses on Kyrgyz mattresses (toshoks). Bathroom is putdoors. Houses have summer shower which can be used only during daytime (as there is a sharp day and night temperature difference). 
Kyrgyz dinner in village guesthouses.

Day 3.
Excursion to the Red Rocks, Blue Grotto and Kozho-Kelen waterfall (3km). On the way, guests will visit a grain mill. Local people have used this technology to thresh wheat for many centuries. Narrow canyons, waterfalls, unusual forms of rocks and cliffs are beautiful and interesting. 
Fabulous beautiful mountains, fresh air, forests, rivers, and the petroglyphs on the rocks harmoniously supplement the landscape. The grotto and the lake are places of Muslim worship. Lunch in the village. 
After lunch - transfer to jailoo (summer nomadic pasture of Kyrgyz people) (2,700m). This jailoo is situated 20km from Kozho-Kelen village up the Jiptyk river. Travelers will experience the nomadic way of life of the Kyrgyz people on the Jailoo. 
Participation in yurt construction (Kyrgyz felt marquee). Kyrgyz dinner. 
Night's lodging in yurts, 4-6 persons per yurt.

Day 4. Breakfast. 
Demonstration of felt and milk processing with guest participation.
Return to village. Lunch in village guesthouse.
After lunch - return to Osh.
Dinner in local restaurant.
Accommodation in Osh hotel.

Day 5. Breakfast. 
Excursion to Osh bazaar.
Visit to the creative center "Door" where travelers will not only view with potter's mastery but will be able to create their own exclusive masterpieces. 
Lunch in cafe. 
Farewell to the group. 

We hope you like the program and assure you that we are absolutely open to any suggestions to increase the range of our services for the entire satisfaction of our clients and are happy to meet your special requirements.

You can alter the duration of your tour and places of visits by adding one of the extensions. Our tour operator will work closely with you or your travel agent to carefully prepare an itinerary based on your stated interests.


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