Mountaineering 6 :: Kokshaal-Too

The western Kokshaal-Too, Kyzyl-Asker peak, peak Shmidta, Kryl'ja Sovetov peak etc.

Conditions: Members carry out and choose tactics for ascents themselves, and bring all their own gear. 
Service: All transfers from Bishkek to Base camps and back, accommodation in hotels, radio communications, full board, all legal formalities.
Note: All necessary food (bread, butter, sugar, etc) is provided by our organization, however it is advisable to bring special high altitude food.

The western Kokshaal-Too is one of most southern and highest ranges among the Kyrgyz mountains. Three latitudinal ranges, the Terskey Ala-Too, Jetym and Borcoldoy, form the Kokshaal-Too range. These ranges are situated in the Central Tien-Shan between Lake Issyk-Kul and the Takla-Makan desert in China. The Kokshaal-Too range borders the Uzengegush and Mjudjurjum river valleys to the north; to the west and east the same rivers which break through the main Kokshaal-Too range; from the south it is bordered by the Kokshaal river valley. This river system belongs to the Tarim river basin.

There are many of peaks at an altitude of 6,000m or greater. The most interesting of these are Kyzyl-Asker (5,842m), Kryl'ja Sovetov (5,800m), Shmidta (5,954m), Dankova (5,982m), Chon-Turasu or Joldash (5,729m), Alpinist (5,641m), and Sergeya Koroljova (5,816m). This region is a typical combination of alpine formations (vertical walls with altitude drops of 1.5 - 2km) with huge glaciations, which in the Tien Shan are dwarfed only by the glaciers of the Pobeda Peak region. All non-glaciated regions, including the lower part, are in the permafrost zone. Valleys around the rivers are generally very wet.

Snow line is at about 4,000-4,500m above sea level. River valleys are quite high altitude as well (about 3,000-3,500m).

The climate is quiet inclement. Summer average monthly temperature is about 5-80C, weather is very unstable, high winds are common.

This region is rarely visited by people, especially mountaineers. All prior expeditions to this region of unforgettable peaks and landscapes can be easily counted. This is still a "blank spot on the map" and is an unsurpassd opportunity for you to achieve a first ascent!


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