Asiatic Ibex hunting

Inner Tian Shan, Karasay-Sirt valley, Issyk-Kul province
Asiatic Ibex hunting in Kyrgyzstan. Unique hunting Ibex in the marvelous Tian Shan Mountains, Kyrgyzstan.
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10 Days

10 day Asiatic Ibex hunting tour program in the mountains near Issyk-Kul:

Hunting seasons: 15 August - 1 December; 1 March - 30 March 
Hunting area: Inner Tian Shan, Karasay-Sirt valley, Issyk-Kul province (110,000 hectares of private hunting ground) 
Accommodation: Camp/cabins 
Altitude: 3,800-4,100m 
Distance from main road Bishkek-Karakol: 210km 
Duration of expedition: 10 days (6 days of active hunting) 
Method of hunting: Horses for transportation; stalking on foot 
Number of hunters in group: Up to 7

Day 1. Meeting at "Manas" Airport. If clients wish to adaptat to the local climate, accommodation in Bishkek hotels or resorts and hotels near Issyk-Kul may be arranged (price for these accommodations is not included in the tour price);

Day 2. Drive by off-road vehicle to hunting area. Adaptation to alpine environment, rifle check, rest;

Days 3,4,5,6,7,8. Active hunting for Asiatic Ibex and other game;

Day 9. Upon client's choice, accommodation in Bishkek hotels or resorts around Issyk-Kul (price for accommodation is not included in the tour);

Day 10. Departure from "Manas" airport, Bishkek.


The hunting requires participants to be in good physical condition;
Upon your wishes it is possible to change the proposed program;
Stalking at the final stages of the hunt;
Shooting range is 200-500 meters.

Usually, weather is favorable and more predictable in this region during the Autumn hunting period. 
Climate is extreme continental. Spring: March: +15°C day, -5°C at night (59/23 F); Autumn: from +15°C day, - 20°C at night (59/-4 F). Expect windy conditions.


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