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Forming an integral part of the Great Silk Road, poets, pilgrims, warriors and traders have been riding across the spectacular Tien-Shan, "Celestial" Mountains, of Kyrgyzstan for thousands of years. Few places on earth can claim such a fine tradition of horsemanship, or a life so orientated around the horse, and local horsemen will guide you through the verdant, flower-filled valleys, across the wide open steppes and over the high mountain passes. The best way to see Kyrgyzstan from the locals' perspective is on horseback. Kyrgyz horses are hardy, wiry beasts, specially-bred for high altitude and rough paths. Particularly recommended areas to explore on horseback are the foothills of the Kyrgyz Ala-Too, the Issyk-Kul to Kazakhstan trek via Balbay, the route from near Kochkor to Lake Song-Kul and, for more experienced riders, the Tien-Shan and At-Bashy Mountains. 

We provide the opportunity of unique horseback trips along the Great Silk Roadin Kyrgyzstan. You will ride across the virgin natural landscapes of the Tien Shan range, with its pine and archa woods in lower regions, and the tundra zone, which is covered with edelweiss, primulas, high mountain roses and tulips. You will taste the ancient drink of the Kyrgyz people - "kymyz", enjoy roaring mountainous rivers where you can fish for trout, and wander through endless Alpine meadows. In the forest areas we can spend nights around the campfire. 

Each group is accompanied by a team of 4 people: trip leader, interpreter, groom (horse wrangler) and cook. They set up tents, make the fire, cook, and take care of the horses and tack (harnesses, saddles, etc) On the way, we will meet real nomads and cowboys, visit their yurts and enjoy authentic Kyrgyz cooking. These tours are for those who prefer active adventures! 

Horse-back riding tour   Horseback riding tour
This tour gives you the possibility of enjoying the amazing beauty of the Central Tien Shan mountains, seeing one of the most magnificent mountain lakes, indulging in your passion for riding, and last but not least, experiencing the ancient culture of Kyrgyz nomads, which is still alive today in theDjailoos (summer alpine pastures) where you will be welcomed with the warmest hospitality and invited to partake in everything they have to offer in their yurts (Kyrgyz national dwelling) ...

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