Hiking tour 3 :: Trekking along the Kyrgyz range (Issyk-Ata gorge - Alamedin gorge - Ala-Archa gorge

Bishkek, Issyk-Ata gorge, moraine of Pervomaisky glacier, Pervomaisky pass, Altyn-Tor glacier etc.
Trekking along the Kyrgyz range (Issyk-Ata gorge - Alamedin gorge - Ala-Archa gorge)
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10 Days

Conditions: There are no technical difficulties on the trekking route, but participants should have good health and fitness, in order to cross 3500-4000m passes, and hike about 7-8 hours each day. Each participant should have warm and water-resistant clothing, a coat, trekking boots, sleeping bag, gloves and sunglasses. There are no limits on the weight of personal gear. 
Service: Full board and lodging in hotels and tent camps, guides, interpreters, transportation during the entire trip and full expedition services. 
Season: 15 June - 10 September

The Kyrgyz Ala-Too Mountains (northern part of the Tien Shan system, which is situated near Bishkek) draws visitors from around the world with the amaranthine beauty of their snow-white mountains (the highest peak is Semenova-Tien-Shanskovo peak (4,875m). There are more than 480 glaciers along a length of 400km, with many beautiful mountain lakes and waterfalls.

On this trek you will experience the nature of the Kyrgyz range from bottom to top, as the beauty of forests and alpine meadows switches to the harsh and forbidding world of glaciers. This tour is for experienced mountaineers or hikers who have some skills in mountaineering.

Day 1. Arrival in Bishkek. Hotel accommodation. Excursion around the city. 
Day 2. Transfer to Issyk-Ata gorge and local health resort. From here, trekking begins. Hiking to the foot of Botvey peak (4,009m). This is easy hiking through a forest, which takes about 5-6 hours. 
Day 3. Hiking to the confluence of the Issyk-Ata and Min-Dzilki rivers. Route follows mostly along a good path and occasionally along grassy and rocky slopes. En-route we will visit a large lake at 2,800m. 5-6 hours hiking. Night in tent camp at the confluence of the Issyk-Ata and Min-Dzilki rivers. 
Day 4. Ascent of the moraine of Pervomaisky glacier. Ascent on a scree slope and then along a moraine to 3,900m above sea level. Entire route takes 4 hours. Night in tent camp on moraine. 
Day 5. This day we will need to leave camp early, at 7 AM. Easy ascent to Pervomaisky pass (4,200m; about 2-3 hours), decent along rocky slope with snow and ice in some parts, requiring crampons. Then decent to Ashu-Tor lakes along scree slope and along grassy slope (3-4 hours). Night in tent camp at the upper lake. 
Day 6. Decent on trail to the confluence of Altyn-Tor and Alamedin rivers (3-4 hours). Night in tent camp at the confluence. 
Day 7. Ascent to moraine lake or to Altyn-Tor glacier. This is easy hiking on a slope covered with brushe and then along alpine meadows. Route takes 5-6 hours. Night in tent camp at 3,800m. 
Day 8. Ascent along Altyn-Tor glacier to the foot of Tuyuksu east pass (4,000m), about 2 hours. The pass is covered with scree and occasionally with snow. Ascent of pass takes 1-2 hours, followed by descent to Ala-Archa gorge along Tuyuksu glacier to Teketor place. Night in tent camp in forest. 
Day 9. Ascent to Razeka, situated in the Ak-Say gorge. There is good trail. Route takes 4-5 hours. 
Day 10. Hiking to Ak-Say glacier. Decent to Ala-Archa gorge and mountaineering camp. Transfer to Bishkek (42 km). Return home. 

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