Visit to the Sultan-Epe canyon and Shakpak-Ata mosque

Aktau, Sultan-Epe canyon, Kapamsay canyon, Shakpak-Ata mosque
Visit to the Sultan-Epe canyon and Shakpak-Ata mosque. Tours to Mangyshlak. Necropolis Shakpak-Ata and the underground mosque are located at Tupkargan peninsula, 15 km from Sarytash bay. Photos of the Shakpak-Ata Necropolis

The Necropolis of Shakpak-Ata (10th-13thcc.) and its underground mosque are located on the Tupkargan peninsula, 15 km from Sarytash bay. The Shakpak-Ata mosque takes the shape of a Latin cross. It is cut into the slope of a stone outcrop between two ravines going down the face of Ungazy mountain. The cruciate shape of the mosque brings to mind another purpose of the mosque in pre-Islamic times. Shakpak-Ata mosque displays the best traditions of nomadic stone work.

The entrance to the mosque is formed as a portal arch, with several recesses for the entombing of revered imams cutout nearby. The mosque takes the shape of a regular cross with an elongated southern end. The corners of the central square hall are decorated with massive columns which support a high arch with a round opening in the middle. The arches between the columns have remnants of multi-colored murals.

In the western section of the mosque there are small rectories. The walls of the mosque's halls, portal and recesses are covered with painting from different times - contour images of horses and riders, bulls, open palms, and floral designs. A Sufi poem about this world's fragility and life's futility stands out among the other inscriptions.

The Program:

Duration: 1 day;
Season: April 15 - October;
Size of group: no more than 3.

Travel itinerary: Aktau - Sultan-Epe canyon - Kapamsay canyon - Shakpak-Ata mosque - Aktau

Departure from Aktau city to the Sultan-Epe canyon (30 km, cart-road). On a route: visiting of the patrimonial cemeteries Karagashty-aulie and Ushtam (16-19 centuries). On the board of the canyon is the tomb of the saint Sultan-Epe and the underground mosque. Moving from the Sultan-Epe to the underground Shakpak-ata. mosque (30км-s, a grader and cart-road). On a route: survey of the cretaceous Kapamsay canyon. Dinner in field conditions. (13.00 - 14.00)

The underground Shakpak-ata mosque is cut down in a rock, there are drawings and epigraphics (10-13 centuries).

Moving from Shakpak-ata to Aktau city (140 km, cart-road, a grader, asphalt). The route passes through the big cretaceous Shakpakatasay canyon where stops for panoramic surveys are provided. Returning to Aktau city.

Cost of program includes: Cost of program does not include:
  • Transport (a foreign jeep);
  • Russian speaking guide;
  • Lodging for the night in the hotel house - 1 night.
  • A food on a route;
  • Insurance upon accidents.

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