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Kapshagai Reservoir
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Kiting uses the kite as a motive power which is convenient both for movement by the ground, and on water. In fact, the choice of vehicles isn't limited and depends only on your imagination. It can be a snowboard (snow kite boarding), mountain skiing, rollers, mountain board or buggy (land kiting), kite board for driving on water (kite boarding/kite surfing). Kites of a special design take you away with tremendous force, therefore unforgettable experience is guaranteed to everyone who is seriously interested in kite. Such a pleasure to see you here! If you love speed and want to feel unusual inflow of energy, we are glad to offer you kiting (the big kite which tows you either on skis or a snowboard on the flat surface).

Venue: Kapshagai Reservoir.


One day programme 09:00 - Meeting. 09.30 - Departure from the city. 10.20 - Arrival to the mountain camp site, tea drinking. 11.00 - Sledding. 15.00 - Continuation of the productive leisure. 17.30 - Departure in the city.

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