Police Registration for travelers in Kazakhstan

Traveler's advice

Police registration procedures for all types of TOURIST visa in Kazakhstan are the same.

1. You are required to register with OVIR within FIVE CALENDAR DAYS of entering the country. This means that, regardless of public holidays or weekend arrivals, they start counting the minute you arrive, no exceptions. Don't put it off or you will regret it! You can register at any OVIR branch in any city in Kazakhstan. Registration for single-entry visa (all types) is only required once; after which no further documentation is required, except in extreme cases, such as visits to sensitive or border areas. You may stay in Kazakhstan for less than five days without registration. In the case of multiple-entry visa (all types), registration is required each time you enter the country.

2. Registration is not particularly difficult in Kazakhstan, all you need to do is bring to the immigration police (OVIR) office:

- your passport;
- one passport photo;
- two photocopies of your visa picture page AND Kazakh visa;
- money for the registration fee. Fee is approximately US$ 7-10, which you will probably be required to pay at a local bank, and return with the receipt.

Plan to spend about 1-2 hours to register, just in case.

Some hotels will do registration for you, for a large fee; however, this is not a normal practice in Kazakhstan as in some other former Soviet countries, so don't assume you've been registered when staying in a hotel. There are many tour companies which will do your registration; on average it will cost about US$15 for two-day processing and $20-35 for next or same day (which is much less than the fine).

3. The penalties for late registration can take the form of heavy fines, especially at the border when leaving the country, if you are unfortunate enough to have waited that long. If by chance you are late in registering, find a tour company to help you negotiate with the authorities, it will probably save you money.