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Location: 72, Maksumova str, Tashkent

About restaurant: Restaurant Baron, with its exclusive European style, was founded in 2001. The interior with its cozy atmosphere is suitable for personal and business meetings, buffets and holiday parties (three individual cabins separated from the main hall are available).
For several months, a chef from Germany has been working here and introducing modern European Standards into the Menu of the Restaurant Baron. The service that is given in our restaurant is of the highest level.

Working hours: from afternoon to midnight
Music: live performances, violin
Car parking
Bar: wide assortment of alcoholic drinks
Dress code: formal attire required

Exclusive dishes:

Black pearl
(Sturgeon fried fillet with mushrooms and Edem cheese. Served with red and white picante sauce)

Braunshveski Langet
(Fried beef fillet with onion, served in the foil with baked potatoes and butter sauce)

Montenegro charisma
(Chicken leg stuffed with minced chicken, mushrooms and walnuts, served with sweet dry fruit sauce "Murrey")

Hunting soup
(Pheasant bullion, with green peas, quail eggs and greens. Served with crackers)

Rates: Standard Lunch - 10-15 US$,
Standard Dinner - 15-20 US$
Contacts: Tel.: (+998 71) 233 93 01
Fax: (+998 71) 233 93 08
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