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Aznur Travel launches first excursion double-decker buses in Tashkent

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tourism company Aznur Travel launched the first excursion double-decker buses in Tashkent, the company said on its website.

Tourism company received the first party of two buses of Higer brand. The buses were received from Shanghai (China).

It added that after all necessary procedures and changing external appearance, the buses will render services to guests and citizens of Tashkent city.

Director of Aznur Travel Ulugbek Nurmatov said that the buses will run on special route, which will cover eight historic sights of Tashkent as envisaged in the programme for tourism development in Tashkent.

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Uzbektourism forms Calendar of tourism events for 2015

Friday, December 12, 2014

Uzbektourism national company is forming a Calendar of tourism events for 2015 to efficiently implement tourism potential of Uzbekistan and develop event tourism in the country, increase tourists inflow into Uzbekistan.

The calendar will include national festivals and holidays, theatre shows, cinema, theatre, dance and awarding ceremony, fashion shows, auctions, music festival and contests, sport events, business events, etc.

The calendar will be disseminated at international tourism fair, exhibitions and presentations. The electronic version of the calendar will be placed at Uzbektourism website and official tourism portal of Uzbekistan in Russian and English languages.


Tourism potential of Uzbekistan presented in Italy

Monday, December 8, 2014

A presentation of tourism potential of Uzbekistan was held in Rome for representatives of tourism agencies and companies, as well as mass media.

Uzbekistan Havo Yollari, Association of Private Tourism Agencies under Uzbektourism and Embassy of Uzbekistan in Italy organized the presentation, Jahon news agency said.

Representatives of 50 large professional participants of tourism sector and hotel business attended the event.

The participants familiarized with rich culture, history and art of Uzbekistan, which attract interest of foreign tourists.

The participants also watched a film on tourism in Uzbekistan and got acquainted with opportunities of Uzbekistan Havo Yollari.


Caravan is one of Top-10 restaurants in CIS

Monday, December 1, 2014

Caravan restaurant in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) was included to Top-10 of the best restaurants of the CIS, which was published by portal for travelers

Portal for travelers published the ranking of the ten best restaurants of the CIS, which were popular among tourists in 2014.

The ranking includes restaurants, which offer national cuisine. The ranking is based on feedback of the visitors at the internet and users of the portal. The lunch will cost less than US$10, the portal said. The ranking includes restaurants from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova.

Caravan restaurant too the 6th place in the ranking. Opened 15 years ago, the restaurant Caravan is one of popular places in Tashkent.

It offers Uzbek cuisine – manti with meat for 77 rubles (4,000 soums), chuchvara for 12,900 soums (249 rubles) and bayram oshi for 22,800 soums (440 rubles). The Caravan has art gallery with hand-made products of the Uzbek craftsmen.

The ranking also includes Taykazan (Astana), Vasilki (Minsk), Taverna Yerevan (Yerevan), Mu-Mu (Moscow), Firuza (Baku), Caravan (Tashkent), Ala-Too (Bishkek), Kozachok (Kiev), Basarabia (Chisinau) and Mama Roma (Saint Petersburg).


Euronews to show report on Bukhara

Friday, November 21, 2014

Television channel Euronews will continue to demonstrate programmes Uzbekistan Life on rich historic and cultural heritage, as well as tourism infrastructure of Uzbekistan.

From 25 December 2014, the TV Channel will show a new report dedicated to ancient city of Bukhara.

TV channel, which broadcasts in English, Arab, Hungarian, Greek, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Persian and French languages, opens new sides of Bukhara.

Euronews prepared the programme on Bukhara in cooperation with Uzbektourism. The viewers can receive information on ancient monuments of Bukhara and familiarize with people, who live in the city.

Uzbekistan Life is becoming popular and it is directed at promotion rich historic and cultural heritage of Uzbekistan in international tourism market, first of all, in European states. The programme shows reports on Uzbekistan and its ancient cities, tourism potential of the country, etc.


Website on Kashkadarya region’s tourism potential launched

Friday, November 21, 2014

A new website – – about tourism potential of Kashkadarya region has been launched, the press service of Uzbektourism said.

The website has unique design and technical solutions. The website provides information on sights in Kashkadarya region, including historic, cultural and architectural monuments.


Chimgan is among Top-10 best mountain resorts in CIS

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Travelers portal published Top-10 of mountain resorts in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Chimgan mountain resort took the fourth place in Top-10.

The rating was based on the budget, which one person should spend to rest in the resort. The calculations were based on such parameters as accommodation at 2-3 star hotel, cost of dinner and ski-pass per day.

Mountain resort Karakol in Kyrgyzstan took the first place. The tourist will spent US$46 a day, Uzbektourism’s press service said.

Logoysk mountain resort in Belarus took the second place as tourist should spend US$49 a day. Armenia’s Tsahkadzor was third with the budget of US$50 a day.

Chimgan resort took the fourth place with budget of US$51 a day. Ukraine’s Slavskoye mountain resort (US$53) took the fifth place, Kazakhstan’s Altayskiy Alpi (US$81) – sixth place, Georgia’s Bakuriani and Ukraine’s Bukovel shared the seventh and eighth places with budget of US$83.

Guauri mountain resort in Georgia (US$88) and Chimbulak resort in Kazakhstan (US$94) took the ninth and tenth places respectively.

Chimgan or Chimgon is a ski resort located in a mountain range named Tian Shan, near Chirchiq, Tashkent region. It is 80 km away from Tashkent. There are hotel complexes and cottages in this ski center.


Japanese TV channel shoots documentary about Uzbekistan

Friday, November 14, 2014

Soon Japanese TV channel BS Asashi/TV Asashi will present a documentary film about ancient cities of Uzbekistan – Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva – as well as unique and rich historic-cultural heritage of the Uzbek people, ancient monuments of architecture, traditions and culture of the country, the press service of Uzbektourism said.

On 6-11 November, the delegation of BS Asashi/TV Asashi visited Uzbekistan to participate in information tour in Uzbekistan. The visit was aimed at shooting documentary film about tourism potential of Uzbekistan.

The film will present key direction of development of tourism industry of Uzbekistan, which pays great attention to development of international cooperation.

Chida Shin, TV director of programme Ima no Seki(Today’s World) expressed his assurance that existing historic and cultural relations between two nations an great potential in economic, political cooperation will help to deepen strategic partnership between two states.


Reconstruction of Ulli-Hovli fortress completed

Monday, November 10, 2014

Reconstruction of cob castle Ulli-Hovli (Great Court) of the 17th century was completed in Khorezm region of Uzbekistan.

The works were conducted in line with the programme on developing tourism in Khorezm region for 2013-2015.

In the result of reconstruction works, the ancient fortress, located several kilometers from Urgench, became a tourism complex, which includes ancient mill and farm, which breeds camels, horses and poultry.

The complex has all conditions for tourists. The tourists can familiarize with national customs and traditions, national games, kurash contests, concerts, etc. They also had chance to learn cooking of national cuisine and taste them.


Euronews: Samarkand preserves its unique heritage

Monday, November 3, 2014

One of leading world new channels Euronews continues to familiarize its audience with Uzbek city, Samarkand. The channel showed TV programme “Preserving invaluable heritage of Samarkand” within a series Uzbekistan life.

Showing famous Registan square, journalists spoke about work, conducted to preserve rich cultural and historic heritage of the city, Jahon news agency reported.

The programme said that Samarkand became so-called “Silicon Valley” during government of Amir Temur and his grandson Mirzo Ulugbek as it attracted the most gifted and creative people. For several centuries, Samarkand was crossroads of knowledge, culture, religion and trade.

It also told about restoration works conducted at Ulugbek madrasah, which is one of the elegant examples of Islamic architecture. Each year about 90 specialists work on restoration historic monuments of the city.

The report also paid attention to monuments around Samarkand, including memorial complex Imam al-Bukhari, who was the author of the most trustful collection of hadises.

It is worth to mention that Euronews broadcasted several programmes about Uzbekistan, historic and tourism potential of the country.

Soon, Euronews will broadcast new programmes, including reports on Bukhara and Khiva.


UITF 2015 to be held in late April

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Uzbek International Tourist Exhibition “The World of Leisure” (UITF 2015) will be held in Tashkent on 27-28 April 2015, the press service of Uzbektourism said.

Traditionally the event takes place on the eve of opening of spring-summer tourism season in Uzbekistan and help to local and foreign tour operators to present their opportunities.

During three years, tourism forum Uzbekistan Travel Workshop was transformed to tourism exhibition, which attracts professionals of the market.

UITF allows its participants to establish new business contacts and sign agreements, analyze market and assess competitiveness of their products, present their opportunities, etc.

The event will be attended by local and foreign tourism companies, national and regional administrations, association and representative offices, hotels, resorts, internet booking, transport companies and airlines.

UITF 2015 will include various presentations, seminars, roundtables and master classes.

On the last day of the event, it is planned to hold Festival of National Cuisine “Taste of Great Silk Road”. The chefs will cook various Uzbek dishes, while main focus will be given to pilaf.


Reconstruction of Zangiota complex to be completed soon

Monday, October 20, 2014

Reconstruction works at the territory of historic architectural monument Zangiota (15th century) is underway. The works are conducted in line with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers from 20 October 2013.

Zangiota complex is well-known both in Uzbekistan and Central Asia. According to some information, it was constructed by order of Amir Temur in 80s of the 14th century. It was improved and expanded in 20s of the 15th century at support of Mirzo Ulugbek, Jahon news agency reported.

New mosque for 1,000 persons, building of the regional government of Uzbekistan Muslims Board, two fountains, parking sites and other objects constructed at the complex. Hotel for 50 persons, tea house, mini-market, shops will be also constructed.

New gate and 31-meter minaret of the mosque were also constructed. Zangiota and Anbarbibi mausoleums were reconstructed.


TITF-2014 fair ends its work in Tashkent

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tashkent International Tourism Fair “Tourism on the Silk Road” (TITF-2014) wrapped up its work in the capital of Uzbekistan. The fair was organized at the official support of the UN World Tourism Organization.

During three days, the fair presented all spectrum of tourism in Uzbekistan, its development and new directions. The event included several roundtables and presentation, promo-campaigns, contests, etc.

At the fair, the visitors were able to enjoy national cuisine and performances of folk bands, familiarize with works of craftsmen.

Turkey was the partner country of the TITF-2014. National stand of Turkey presented tourism potential of the country. Singapore, Dominican Republic and Russia were debutants of the fair this year.

Committee for development of tourism in Saint Petersburg participated in the TITF and presented new opportunities for recreation.


TITF-2014 fair starts in Uzbek capital

Monday, October 6, 2014

Tashkent International Tourism Fair “Tourism on the Silk Road” (TITF-2014) started at the UzExpoCenter in the Uzbek capital. This year, the fair is organized for the 20th time.

During 20 years, the TITF-2014 became the largest tourism event in Central Asia. It is organized by Uzbektourism, Advertisement Agency Great Silk Road at the support of the UN WTO, Ministry of Culture and Sport Affairs of Uzbekistan, Council of Federation of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan, Association Hunarmand, etc.

Total area of the fair this year makes up 10,000 square meters. The fair presents stands of all regions of Uzbekistan, leading local and foreign tourism agencies, hotels and recreation zones.


Uzbekistan and WTO ink cooperation agreement

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Uzbekistan and the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) signed an agreement on strengthening of mutual relations, cooperation in further development of tourism in Uzbekistan, training cadres and improving skills of specialists in the sphere, popularizing tourism at the Great Silk Road.

The document was signed within the 99th session of the Executive Council of the UNWTO. The session took place in Samarkand on 2-3 October 2014. The session was dedicated to topic “Great Silk Road – new perspectives of developing international tourism”.

The participants of the session discussed current state and perspectives of developing global tourism market, new directions of tourism, as well as actual issues of developing tourism sector.

During the session, the participants discussed reports on current state and perspectives of global tourism, new models of cooperation in tourism and culture, training specialists, role of tourism routes in regional development and strengthening of integration.

The officials exchanged opinion and experience of attracting tourists into Uzbekistan, developing international cooperation in tourism sector and attracting new investments to the sector.

The participants approved a draft decision of the 99th session of the Executive Council of the UNWTO.