French tourists in Uzbekistan

The realization of tourist trips to Uzbekistan from France is planned since mid-February 2012. Hypermarkets and supermarkets of «Auchan» throughout the country are dealing with their distribution.

It should be noted that «Auchan» is the third largest operator in the world among retailers such as American «Wal-Mart» and French «Carrefour», and therefore the holding of such a promotion about Uzbekistan through its network is significant fact.

There are more than 600 hypermarkets and supermarkets of «Auchan» only in France, while abroad it is represented in twelve countries around the world and three thousand supermarkets and shops belong to «Auchan» in these countries.

Touristic route to Uzbekistan is designed by agency «Auchan Voyages» together with the touristic company «Orient Voyages» from Samarkand. The program provides regular departures to Uzbekistan, from May to November of this year, nine groups of French tourists with 28 people in each group.

According to French experts in the field of tourism, the total cost of the trip to our country are quite competitive compared with other areas of outbound tourism from France.