Festivals and events in Uzbekistan in 2013
Make your Uzbekistan holidays unforgettable by marking your travel calender for not-to-be-missed annual events in Uzbekistan

Bazar-Art. Spring 2013 Action "We - one team" - soon in all regions of Uzbekistan
March 2013

March 27 will begin one of the largest youth action "We - one team!", Held annually by the Fund Forum and the Center of Youth Initiatives "Kelajak Ovozi" in all regions of Uzbekistan with the assistance of regional administrations and Foundation. Konrad Adenauer Foundation. This year, along with the action "We - one team" will be regional forum marathons and charity football matches "In the Name of Life". Also as part of the action, which is even bigger, held training seminars in various areas, panel discussions, job fairs, exhibition game discussion club "Dilemma," casting young presenters and other interesting projects. How will the Republican tour young and active this year, told the press conference dedicated to the promotion "We - one team!" March 25 at the conference hall of the Fund Forum

«Bazar-Art. Spring 2013» Grants and awards Bazar-Art. Spring 2013
TashkentMarch 2013

March 25 at the National Arts Centre in Tashkent hosted the awarding ceremony of the twelfth Fair «Bazar-Art/2013», in which the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Fund Forum Gulnara Karimova awarded diplomas to the winners «Bazar-Art», a grant for the development of the master on GULI ceramics Abduvahid Karimov from Bukhara, a grant from the "Forum of socially responsible citizens of Uzbekistan" and SISF master carving, academician Ortyku Fayzullaeva the installation of alternative energy sources and 8 soft loans masters of traditional art at local Infocenters "Forum socially responsible citizens of Uzbekistan." As representatives of the "Forum of socially responsible citizens of Uzbekistan" presented diplomas of gratitude most active entrepreneurs who contributed to 500 seedlings of fruit trees, and those who assisted in the improvement works to mark the holiday Nowruz.

Karaoke nights Karaoke nights

We invite all fans to sing.
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Photo-party Photo-party

Devoted fans pose and take pictures
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Trance in me Party Trance in me Party
Tashkent2013 г.

In the tradition of Progressive Trance.
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Pilaf Festival 2013 Pilaf Festival 2013
TashkentApril 19, 2013

Festival Pilaf Fest - this is the biggest "tasty" event in the life of the city. 1-day ground Uzexpocentre turn into a huge national outdoor restaurant. Visitors to the festival is lots of pleasant experiences, as well as tasting pilaf every ten species from Uzbekistan from the best restaurants in the city, where the chef will demonstrate his skills and the latest trends in food service.

6th Festival of Traditional Culture

6th Festival of Traditional Culture
Tashkent May 4-5 2013

The festival will be held in Navoi region on May 4-5, 2013. First it was announced at the annual reporting online-conference Fund Forum December 20, 2012 opened the world's mysterious story of an ancient fortress Tuprak Kala in Karakalpakstan in May of last year, "Asrlar sadosi 2013" will go to one of the main natural galleries of prehistoric art in Uzbekistan - tract Sarmyshsay in Navoi region. The organizers of the "Asrlar Sadosi" the Fund Forum and UNESCO Office in Uzbekistan.

12th International Festival of Silk and Spices 12th International Festival of Silk and Spices
Bukhara june 8-10, 2013

For three days, visitors will have a good opportunity to learn the amazing historical heritage of the city, the uniqueness and singularity of national customs and traditions. The festival will host exhibitions, fairs, crafts, workshops, conferences, seminars, fashion shows, shows and more. The event aims to preserve the cultural heritage, with its inherent national characteristics, as well as promoting and supporting crafts and their further development. The organizers of the festival are the provincial authorities and the city of Bukhara regional branch NC "Uzbektourism", Association of Craftsmen "Khunarmand" and other interested organizations. Aromas of spices, unique textiles, artful products Bukhara chasers, zolotoshvei, jewelers have attracted the attention of foreign visitors since the days of the Silk Road. Bukhara is therefore the most appropriate venue for such a big event.

Festival of art and tourist song Chimgan echo Festival of art and tourist song Chimgan echo
Chimgan Tashkent region 2013

Traditional Song Festival is held annually on the first weekend of June in Chimgan mountains. All lovers of songs with a guitar going for three days in the foothills of the Aksu, break campgrounds are located on camp. Competition in speed climbing and mountain biking are alternated with performances by the participants, as well as the winner of the festival concerts past and maestros of art song.
Uzbekistan will host the next festival Sharq taronalari Uzbekistan will host the next festival Sharq taronalari"
TashkentAvgut 2013

In Samarkand host the 8th International Music Festival "Sharq taronalari" (Melodies of the East), which is held every 2 years in Uzbekistan under the auspices of UNESCO, since 1997, to popularization of the best achievements of national music, preservation and development of the great traditions of the people and upbringing of the younger generation a sense of love for the beautiful, and to further expand international creative relationships, glorifying the ideas of peace, friendship, mutual understanding and the further strengthening of mutual cultural and spiritual cooperation. Traditionally, the festival is attended by artists from around the world that show off their talents in the best venues of ancient Samarkand. Recall that the main founders of the International Festival "Sharq taronalari" are the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Entertainment Association "Uzbeknavo", National Broadcasting Company of Uzbekistan, the Composers' Union of Uzbekistan, municipality of Samarkand. Babur park in Tashkent.
Festival of Children's Fashion Bolajonlar-shirintoylar Festival of Children's Fashion Bolajonlar-shirintoylar
TashkentNovember 2013

Festival "Bolajonlar-Shirintoylar" held annually by the Fund Forum and Association of designers and fashion designers of Uzbekistan "Osie Ramzi". The festival is showing of children's clothing, toys national exhibition and competition of graphic works, school uniform, best designer, best catwalk, best creative room in the performance of young children.
TashkentDecember 2013

The Republican contest youth "Kelajak Ovozi" was first held in 2005 and attracted great interest among young people.
The competition is part of young people 15 to 25 years on the nominations: fine and applied arts, information and communication technologies, innovations, technical projects and development (scientific and technical programs and student work) social projects and business plans, hudozhestveno-journalistic art, architecture and design, sports.

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